I'm specializing in the restoration of seats whether they are simple or carved since 35 years.
My training was completed within workshops renowned for this activity.

Restoration of wooden seats is made the traditional way, by full or partial dismounting according to the state of these.

After removing the cover and pins, the seat is disassembled and each piece cleaned and consolidated if necessary.

"Les feuillures de garnissage" are checked and consolidated with a soft resin to allow relining by the upholsterer .

If necessary they are replaced if they are too much damaged. Their replacement is done in such a way not to alter the interior patinas nor weaken the relining.

The reassembly "à la tire" (iron pin) is preferred to any other means of rebonding.

After dowelling, the seat can be skated with wax or varnish according to the style, and the epoch Model.