The know-how

Restorer of art and antique furniture for 40 years, Michel Rocaboy was trained at Faidherbe school in Paris (School of the Professional Chamber of furnishing), and he has further developed his skills at the Ecole Boulle where he won a scholarship from the Society for the Promotion of Art Trades - SEMA (Société d'encouragement aux Métiers d'Art). Michel Rocaboy is a recognized practitioner in his profession and has worked for the greatest Parisian workshops where he contributed to the restoration of prestigious pieces from public and private collections. Michel Rocaboy has also developed processes to install and replace marquetry (vacuum bonding) that led to patents.

At your service

Michel Rocaboy offers a unique expertise in the field of restoration of antique furniture and marquetry. Whatever your renovation project , we will propose a solution and a quotation upon request.